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Our Farm


Quality starts at the propagation stage

We graft and propagate plants in our own Natal Briar farm, which is 100% free of agro bacteria and professionally run. Our propagation houses have the capacity to propagate plants for five hectares at a time, thus sufficiently supplying plants for all our planting requirements. 


 We are open to the latest technology as well as the best nature can offer in the process of feeding our roses. Mixing fertiliser through modern computerised irrigation systems, whilst accepting that our sheep contribute, naturally towards excellent quality roses.


We endeavor to protect our flowers during harvesting, transport from field to pack-house and to the customer. We work with our freight agent to ensure that the cold chain is observed all the way from the farm in our refrigerated trucks to the eventual destination. Our aim is to ensure that our customer receives the flowers in the best condition possible.


Our aim is to provide the customer with an absolutely beautiful product that guarantees the full enjoyment for the occasion and/or vase life.

We monitor our product from field to shelf by maintaining stringent high-quality standards and procedures. A sample of every single product is taken through transport simulation and vase life testing. Every observation is recorded and vital information on product behavior, and any concerns are noted and addressed.


We work with a number of professional breeders, who allow us to choose varieties from their show houses, which we then plant in our Trial House for testing. A detailed study is made on each variety in order to determine the suitability or otherwise of the variety to the farm’s unique geographical conditions. Some of these trial varieties are later grown as commercial trials, which helps us gauge the market response and determine the best way forward.